As an avid traveler, I pretty much get every single thing I need for my adventures on Amazon. While many of us have a cart that seems to always be full of items, a wish list and a countdown set in place (No? Just me?) it has recently come to my attention that there are a few of you who aren’t as interested in Amazon Prime Day or its promos simply because there is just too much information.

I GET IT. The amount of categories, promotions, countdowns and deals can be stressful for a Prime Day newbie.

Not to worry! While there are some things to know and consider, overall only good things come out of this glorious day.

Ok, so let’s start with the basics before we transform you into a Prime Day Master.
Think of this as a sort of Karate Kid wax-on, wax-off exercise.

1. What is Amazon Prime Day?

It’s an annual mega-sale where Amazon provides over a million discounts, sales and promotions on their site worldwide. Basically, it is where you will find the biggest sales all summer on things you want to buy.

It’s like Black Friday, but in July.

However, unlike Black Friday or even Cyber Monday, the sales usually last upwards of 36 hours. This year, it will take place on July 15th and 16th, starting at 3pm EST July 15th.

2.  Available Amazon Memberships

In order to take part in this awesome event, you need to be an Amazon Prime member.

Many people don’t know this, but there are various available Amazon memberships, each offering their own set of benefits you can enjoy.

Click on each membership to find out more information below!

Ok, so now that you used the information above to carefully select which membership is right for you and successfully signed up…


You are officially an Amazon Prime member, how does it feel?!


3. Next Steps After Signing Up for Amazon Prime

My strongest recommendation is to download the Amazon app. This way, you can have it with you while on the go.

Computer Download Link
Mobile Download Link

Having direct access will be especially important for the following app perks:

Sneak Peak
Get a sneak peek into Prime Day deals before they happen! You will get notified when deals start by adding items to your shopping list prior to Prime Day. Follow instructions here to turn on this feature in the Amazon app.

Item Watching
We all have things we love and hope will go on sale on Prime Day. Luckily, Amazon will be sending us a preview of deals before they start and has given us the option of watching all the items our hearts desire. If and when these items go on sale, we will be notified! Here’s a quick video on how it all works.

Countdown Deals
While Amazon keeps Prime Day deals close to the vest until the actual event, they have released a few products that will be launching that day to get people excited, in addition to a few deals you can get now – such as the daily Countdown Deals and the Fire TV Recast which is currently $100 off exclusively for Prime Members.

4. Even More Amazon Prime Day Savings

Amazon is feeling particularly generous this year and has provided some additional ways to save:

→ Get $10 when you download and sign into the Amazon app for the first time.

→ Install Amazon Assistant for a double bonus: you’ll get desktop notifications on deals you watch AND $5 off your Prime Day order of $25 or more.

→ Receive a $5 discount on select Prime Day deals when you look for items with the Camera Search feature on the app.

→ Use your Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card with an eligible Prime membership at any Whole Foods Markets on Prime Day to receive 10% back on purchases totaling up to $400.

→ Invite any 1 member of your household to share all of your Prime benefits at no additional cost!

5. Additional Deals on Amazon Services

One of my favorite Prime Day perks in addition to the promotions on products are the deals on Amazon services.

Take advantage and sign up for these services during Prime Day! Many of them offer either a free trial or a much lower monthly fee in addition to bonus perks within each program.


A fantastic service that gives you access to thousands of audiobooks, the ability to create your own library and even keep the books if you decide to cancel your membership.

Ready to use this awesome service? 
Sign up here!

OFFER WITHIN AN OFFER (limited time)
Try their 30-Day free trial and get a free audiobook!


Take advantage of 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for only $0.99, regularly $7.99 per month for Prime members $9.99 for non-Prime members! 

Ready to sign up? Unlock the magic here.
Wanna test it out first? Sign up for a free trial.


Convenience at your fingertips. With Amazon Fresh you can order fresh produce and groceries for same-day and next-day delivery from local shops and markets.

Not sure whether Amazon Fresh is for you? Sign up for a free trial here. 
Ready to use this awesome service? Click here to enroll!


As an avid traveler, I would be lost without my Kindle! New for Prime Day this year, Amazon is offering a special limited time promotion of $0.99 for 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for new subscribers (regularly $29.97)!!!

To take advantage of this unheard of deal, click here.


• Make sure you sign up for Prime, download the app and start watching your favorite products!

• Keep in mind there are many opportunities to get some additional savings, especially if you are new to Amazon’s app.

• There will be item deals on sale leading up to the big day. Keep your eyes peeled!

• Don’t forget about the awesome services + programs Amazon offers, some have huge savings for Prime Day.

You are officially ready to take on Amazon Prime Day 2019  LIKE. A. BOSS.

What things are you excited to buy this year? Comment below!
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