Armani | Silos

The Exhibition

armani silos entrance

The minute you set foot inside the Armani Silos museum, you are instantly transported to a sleek universe where fashions, both past and present, collide. The lighting, the music, the space – all work together to give you the  complete one-of-a-kind experience.

Your journey begins up the first flight of stairs where you are immediately drawn to the displays set before your eyes. The mannequins are installed so that you can through them, not on a platform or from a distance. Which means you are standing eye-level to each and every one of Giorgio Armani’s creations.
It’s important to note that there are security guards on each floor. While they leave you alone (for the most part) they will warn you not to touch anything and will come up to you if they think you are even considering putting your hands on something.

…Unfortunately, I speak from experience. 

armani silos stairs
armani silos exhibit

When walking from room to room you can really appreciate and identify the key trends that were relevant each season. One of my favorite things about this exhibition is that each look is labeled with the year/season it was created for.

close up year and season armani silos
armani silos exhibit closeup year season

It is not difficult to lose yourself in the brightly colored and lace world the museum has created. As you walk from mannequin to mannequin, you are able to take in every detail, see each individual stitch with your own eyes. All concept of time is lost as you wander from room to room of this, the world Armani built.

purple green dress mannequin
armani silos mannequin yellow dress
armani silos color mannequin display
armani silos exhibit hot pink and black fur
armani silos the exhibition
armani silos the exhibition purple and pink exhibit
black dress with moon background
Armani/Silos, Milan
Armani/Silos, Milan pink and red display
The Best Part
accessory room black red yellow GA
GA accessory room

Full disclosure: This may or may not have been where I was approached by a security guard… It totally was.

accessory room GA
Classic Armani
up close silver GA dress
Armani Silos, Milan closeup beaded top
closeup of beading dress


The detail put into each and every garment is what sets Giorgio Armani apart from the competition. Whether it is beading, feathers, embroidery, sleeve details or collar shapes – his designs have it all. 

As you walk from room to room, these subtle but masterful design choices are evident in every single garment.


gray black and yellow mannequin display
detail suit picture GA
suiting mannequins GA
"To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.
Never in my wildest dreams did I entertain the idea that I would become a fashion designer."
- Giorgio Armani
cream dress display GA
Armani Silos, Milan Italy
Museum Extras
Top Floor
On the top floor of the museum there is an incredible digital archive full of information including:
→ Sketches related to the ready-to-wear and couture collections on display throughout the museum
→ Photographs of clothing and accessories on display with the inspiration for each
→ Images of celebrities who have worn the clothing on display
→ Fashion shows and advertising campaigns spanning various decades
red dress sketch armani
archive room armani musuem

There is a beautiful Armani Cafe if you get hungry after all that walking from room to room.  

Also, the bathrooms are definitely worth checking out…THEY’RE GORGEOUS! 

I give you nothing, if not the complete experience. 

armani cafe
For ticket information, including opening hours and prices,
Armani Silos - 40 Years of Fashion
Via Bergognone, Milan, Italy
Wednesday-Sunday, 11am-7pm
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