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What Is The Travel Planning Service?

Do you want to travel but feel overwhelmed by the possibilities? 

Have you done some research, but don’t know how to logistically build an itinerary for your trip? 

Are you in charge of planning <enter special event here>
ex., bachelorette party/ honeymoon/ romantic getaway / 40th birthday trip / solo adventure 
but are feeling completely pressured and lost by all the information available online?


My service offers first-hand recommendations on every aspect of your trip, including (but not limited to):

» Where to go
» What to do
» Where to stay
» Where to eat
» How to get around

The bottom line is:

The Travel Planning Service is here to help you get the most out of your trip whether you’re going on a group trip or a solo adventure. First-hand advice and customized recommendations provide an itinerary that is unique from any other trip you’ve ever taken while still being exactly how you want it to be. 

What You Can Expect

The focus of the service lies in helping you with all the elements of your trip. Whether you only need me for one part or to plan all of it, I am flexible with providing assistance wherever you need it.


– Consultation to discuss your goals and interests. This can be in the form of a Skype video call or a regular phone call/through WhatsApp if outside the US

– Accommodation suggestions tailored to your budget and travel preferences

– Sightseeing and restaurant recommendations tailored to your interests and tastes

– Suggestions for off-the-beaten path destinations

– Flight booking advice for the best routes and top frequent flier mile redemptions

– Car rental options for your itinerary

– Train, ferry and other regional transport booking advice

– Visa advice if your trip requires a visa

– Custom travel guide with tailored recommendations and detailed maps 

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The Benefits

While many of you can probably do some of the offered services yourself, this does not guarantee you will get the most out of your trip or even travel in the most efficient way. Years of traveling all around the world having given me the knowledge, experience and skill to be able to provide a one-of-a-kind itinerary to make your trip unforgettable.  

Rather than spending hours trying to figure out what the fastest routes are from place to place or the best way to travel using your mileage points, my first-hand experience will aide in making the planning quick and stress-free!

I will provide first-hand advice on any issues I’ve encountered in the past and how to deal with them. I will also make sure to remind you of things to bring for specific situations, such as ID the specific kind of ID that is required – sometimes a licence is enough, other times you may need a passport. 

The bottom line is: you can enjoy your trip and let me worry about the rest

The Details

→ All accommodation recommendations come with pricing information on deals and special rates. Sometimes, these rates are given to frequent travelers in the form of unique promotional codes which I include in your Planning Service package.

→ Suggestions for the best restaurants for your budget, the coolest bars to visit and sightseeing tips tailored to your interests are also included.

→ Transportation options to help you choose the best way to get to and around your destination(s).

→ I will share insider tips for all the places you visit to ensure that you have the best experience.

→ You will get advice for discounts on transport, museums and attractions, including best days/times to visit. 

→ New museums and most current must-see temporary exhibitions will also be in your custom travel guide.

Flight recommendations including routes, airports, lounges and layovers.

→ Everything you need to know about available tours and museums including entrance fees, package offers and special deals.


I am not a travel agent, but rather, a travel planner.

The two are very different services:

› A travel agent books all flights, tours etc., charges an hourly rate + receives commission from airlines. 

Travel planners, like myself, are travel experts who can provide advice based off of their own experiences and knowledge.  

What this means is, I will create the best travel itineraries for you based on your budget and  preferences. 

However, it’s your job to make all the bookings.

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How It Works

You contact me via the contact form below. 

During our initial consultation, I’ll ask more questions based off of the information you provided in the form. We can do this via email or phone – it’s up to you.

Please note, however, that the more I get to know you, the more customized your trip will be.

The first and most important step is to book flights and accommodation so I can have a base from which to start the itinerary process. I will work with you to find the best rates and then it will be up to you to purchase flights and book your stay. 

Then I will plan out a basic itinerary. Some of my clients are very clear upfront about where they want to travel to or what they want to do, while others are not. We’ll work on this together until it’s how you want it to be.

Once we have the outline of the itinerary, we can begin to fill in the blanks:  transportation, tours/sites, activities, events and anything else you want to plan in advance.

I always like to leave some time in between activities for the unexpected. I don’t like feeling rushed while I am exploring a new place and don’t like my clients to feel that way either. 

In the end, YOU will make the final decision on where to stay, what tours to take, what mode of transportation you want to use and what sites you want to see. I just help you narrow down all the options.

Throughout the planning process, the lines of communication will always be open. I will be available to answer any questions you have and will reach out to ask you questions as well.

You will receive a folder with all your information 1- 2 weeks prior to your departure. This will include your custom travel guide(s), itinerary,  supporting documents and map. 

The Cost

Pricing will depend on the number of destinations and the number of items on your itinerary that you would like me to help you plan.

Please keep in mind that each person’s trip is unique to them and so costs will always vary for customized travel planning packages. 

Important to note: 

» Returning customers receive a 10% discount on new travel packages. 

» Referral bonuses are available as well. Ask me for details. 


For additional information and a free quote, please fill out the form below – providing as much information as possible in the message section: 

→ Your exact budget
→ Desired travel dates are they flexible? How many days?
→ Destination(s) please be as detailed as possible. Don’t just say “Italy”, but instead specify “Rome + Naples”
→ Number of people traveling
→ Any sites you must visit or absolutely do not want
Age range of travelers any children? If so, what are their ages? 
→ Travel style i.e., backpacker, rustic, mid-range or luxury
→ Desired lodging amenities
→ Acceptable transportation options i.e., train only, some overland travel, all overland travel
→ Things you like/want to do ie.,outdoor sports? beach? cultural? nightlife?
→ What you like to eat Please include any food allergies.

Not Ready To Plan Just Yet?

No problem.

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I look forward to working with you!
If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out – I am more than happy to help.