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The Ultimate Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Travelers

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and you still haven’t gotten a gift. Hey – it happens. The good news is that you may still be able to get the perfect last minute Valentine’s Day gift without having to resort to stopping at your local pharmacy and getting a box of chocolates and a card along with tons of others who waited until the last possible minute.

Keep in mind that a Valentine’s Day gift does not only have to be about hearts and flowers. While those things are nice, there are some pretty creative ways to get around the cliche of pink and red everything that is synonymous with the holiday. Especially if your special someone is an avid traveler!

Here are some ideas for that significant other in your life who’s got a heart full of wanderlust.


This amazing service lets you search and use any address in the world. You can customize the layout, colors, labels and make it completely your own. It’s a perfect gift that will undoubtedly pull the heartstrings. Create a map of where you first met, your first date or even where your significant other grew up! Ordering is simple and should you need it, their customer service is on point. Right now, there is a 10% discount on all orders for Valentine’s Day. 

No one does customized products quite like Shutterfly. From special photos to specific font, you can create luggage tags exactly to your liking. The best part is that you can get them for an amazing price! And if you are a first time customer, the benefits are even better. You can choose from various free gifts to go along with your brand new completely customized luggage tags.

A passport is one of the most important things a frequent travel absolutely needs. What better way of showing your loved one that you know them than by customizing a one-of-a-kind passport cover. Choose from tons of different quotes, designs, colors and even add their name! Some covers even come with additional pockets to hold boarding passes and tickets – how amazing is that?!

Probably one of the most beautiful canvas maps on the market right now, this watercolor beauty makes the perfect addition to your home. The canvas material allows for push pin capabilities which means not only is it gorgeous to look at, but you can also record your world trips with push pins. The maps take 3-4 days to create and ship, so just make sure to either select priority shipping at checkout or be prepared to explain that your [amazing] gift is going to be a bit late. Customizing also includes adding both your names and any other information, such as your marriage date or the day you first met! 

Give your significant other something they can keep forever – give them the gift of a travel story. With simple templates to help, creating a photo book with Shutterfly is one of the easiest things you can do that will leave a lasting impression. It’s also lots of fun and a very creative gift to give. Choose the best pictures, add thoughts, quotes and even frames to make this gift as personal as you want. Then, take some time to look it over together and reminisce on the memories! Don’t have the time to create a book? No problem! Just select the template you want, send in up to 800 (yes, 800!) photos and the experts at Shutterfly will have your custom book ready in 3 business days. Note: this may be a popular gift for Valentine’s Day so plan accordingly! 


Now, I know I said we would be foregoing all the cliche pink stuff, HOWEVER how can you say no to this incredible pillow and mask set? I actually received this as a gift when I first started traveling solo and didn’t think much of it until I took it on a plane with me for the first time. It is honestly something I recommend to absolutely anyone who will listen. You have the option to select black if pink really isn’t your (or your SO’s) personal preference. The pillow is a little bigger than a ruler, folds and fits almost anywhere and is heaven to sleep on once you’re ready to on your flight. 

Nothing dries out skin quite like the cold recycled air of an airplane. That’s where this little wonder comes in. Made with ginzing and infused with coffee, this kit is essential for any traveler. The set includes a scrub that refreshes tired skin, eye cream that makes eyes look more alert and awake (totally need this after a red-eye flight or on those long transatlantic journeys), ultra hydrating cream and a magical gel moisturizer that adds the finishing oil-free, light-weight, refreshing touch to complete this experience. The best part? It costs about as much as a moisturuzer does! 


You may think that all journals are made the same, however some are more special than others. All of my personal favorites come from They make so many variations of a travel journal for every type of traveler. The En Route journal stands out to me the most because it is a few different things rolled up into one. Whether you are looking for checklist templates, conversion charts, key phrases in various languages or simply want to see some gorgeous illustrations – this journal has it all. More importantly, your wanderlusting S.O. will love your thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

En Route travel journal

I’ll be completely honest with you – up until a few months ago I had no idea what RFID blocking even was. I know right – what kind of travel blogger am I? But the truth of the matter is that there seem to be more and more things we need to be aware of while we travel. One of the biggest is credit card theft via RFID thanks to the chips all our credit cards have these days. This cool wallet not only gives you all the compartments needed while traveling for documents and important papers, but also provides RDIF blocking capabilities. This way, your sweetie can not only be organized, but also safe from credit card fraud abroad! 

Travel wallet with compartments

When in doubt, the Kindle is always the way to go. Amazon has made some new updates making it better than ever. If the special lady in your life is anything like me, she will love this gift because you can read your heart out no matter where in the world you are or where you’re going! It’s thin enough to fit virtually anywhere and light enough that you won’t even notice you have it. In addition to being practical, so useful and easily accessible, the Kindle is now waterproof. What this means? You can read on a yacht! I mean, why not, right? But in all seriousness, it means less chances of water-related accidents occurring. Brownie points for you if you download her favorite books before giving it to her! 


Most guys are super picky when it comes to looking good. Part of that of course, is in the outfit. With this incredible anti-wrinkle shirt transporter, he can travel from place to place with the certainty that he will look neat when he finally arrives. This cool product also features an area to store ties or accessories if ties aren’t his thing. Overall, it’s the perfect gift for a man who travels often – especially for work. He will think of you when he shows up to that meeting looking fresh. 

Honestly, this is one of my favorite gifts in the entire guide! Perfect for the guy in your life who loves to travel, is practical but into his gadgets. This backpack is not only spacious (it has tons of compartments), but also features a USB charger for your electronics, water resistant fabric and password lock to protect your valuables! Various styles and colors are available. Travel smart and with lots of style! 

black backpack with usb charger

Your man will LOVE you for this gift! The Braun shaver is so handy, works really well (it’s been boyfriend-approved), is easy to pack and even easier to use no matter where you are in the world. It comes in various colors and requires batteries, so don’t forget to pack those in along with the gift! 

Ok, so this definitely goes under “Coolest Gifts to Give” on ANY holiday. ScotteVest created this awesome vest for men that features tons of useful compartments. First off, it has 26 POCKETS. This means space for every gadget you can think of – which is especially helpful when trying to make your carry-on as light as possible (like when flying on those budget airlines that weight every last fiber of your luggage!). It also comes with PAN – a personal area network, which essentially means you have a network of hidden conduits to connect wirings, like power banks or charging cables while they are in your pockets. This vest couldn’t be complete without RFID capabilities. So not only will your man be traveling smart, he’ll be traveling safe and looking good too! 


This complex travel organizer is perfect for the organized traveler. It features multiple pockets for different sized wires and cables giving greater flexibility when packing. The fabric is heavy duty and water resistant nylon, which means your items are protected from water or any scratches. It’s small enough to fit in any carry-on or backpack and the best part of it all is that it is super lightweight but extremely durable. In other words, the perfect travel companion for your S.O.!   


What better gift is there to give than the gift of traveling together? This Valentine’s Day, give your partner (and yourself!) a much needed vacation. While there are many ways of doing this, my favorite is through the United Mileage Explorer card. It’s the only card I swear by when traveling because of its amazing features. At sign-up, you are eligible to receive 40,000 miles after spending $2,000 in the first 3 months. Once you’re a member, you get to access the United lounge, have free checked bags (including a companion that travels with you!) and priority seating. Every purchase you make translate to miles and the best part? When you are abroad, there are never any international fees! Being a United member also allows you to purchase miles at a reduced rate when you purchase a ticket. There is a yearly $95 fee, but for avid travelers, the features alone more than make up for it per year.  

Now that you have tons of miles and a new card, why not indulge in smart traveling together and apply for TSA Precheck or Global Entry programs? I can tell you from experience, it is life changing when you are traveling – especially abroad. With TSA Precheck, you are able to skip the line and keep some things on, like your shoes and your accessories, saving you tons of time through security. With Global Entry, you can skip customs all together! You’ll need to apply, get interviewed, provide your fingerprints and answer some questions, but once you’re cleared – you’re good to go for 5 years! 

Psst… now that you have these cool gifts, why not find the best flights available? Sign up to receive my FREE Skyscanner Flight Hack ebook that is guaranteed to save you thousands next time you travel.  Just click below to get this and many more tips and money saving deals each month!

The ultimate way to celebrate love – a beautiful (and delicious) bottle of bubbly! What makes this one special? You can custom engrave a message to your loved one to commemorate the occasion forever. While this one is not exactly travel-oriented, who doesn’t love champagne – especially when there is a love message attached to it? Cheers!

So, even though the clock is ticking, there are so many thoughtful options for this holiday that don’t necessarily require you to spend a fortune or go the predictable route of flowers and candy. Surprise the love in your life with something they can use while wandering the world. The best part is they will think of you each time they use it, whether they are traveling with you or not. ♥

Have an awesome Valentine’s Day gift story? Want to add additional recommendations to this list?

Comment below!

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  • jenny bhatia

    These are very thoughtful gifts for his and her. I had no idea RFID was a thing, either. Kinda scary! And great idea to takes steps towards prevention. And the paperwhite is a must. I usually carry a book, but the charge on these things last for days. I may try it.

    • emaroundtheworld

      It’s so scary that it’s another thing we have to worry about while traveling, but it’s better to safe! The paperwhite is awesome, lasts for days and adjusts to the brightness around which is key – especially when visiting sunny places or lounging on a beach!

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